Realtree’s large 15” x 10” Bamboo Wood Cutting Board features a fun, multi-purpose design, giving you the ability to cut, chop and serve on a single kitchen dish! Great for entertaining or cooking at home, you can prepare your meat, cheese, fruit and veggies all on the large non-slide board. Realtree’s bamboo cutting board is also a versatile serving tray with side handles to easily bring your kitchen talents to the table.

Perfect for everyday use, the Realtree Bamboo Wood Cutting Board is durable and made to last. Crafted from 100% organic bamboo, the cutting board has the natural tensile strength and flexibility characteristic of the wood. Unlike other standard or plastic cutting boards, the Realtree bamboo cutting board prevents your knife from becoming dull with daily use. The flexible wood surface works with the knife instead of against it to keep your knives sharper longer!

The gorgeous natural color of Realtree’s bamboo cutting and serving board enhances every dish whether prepping or partying. The large size provides plenty of workspace to prepare your ingredients or arrange your deli tray. The warm bamboo wood serving tray adds an extra element of rustic charm your guests and hosts will appreciate when you entertain.

Finely slice and dice your juicy fruits, meats, and vegetables with the chef-friendly Drip Groove, designed to catch liquid run-off during your meal prep. Cleaning up is a breeze when juices, seeds and excess pieces are captured in the Realtree Cutting Board’s Drip Groove. Crafted for convenience, simply tilt the board into the sink to remove and wipe down between uses. Easy to clean by hand using soap and water, the bamboo cutting board is both odor and stain resistant.

Introducing Realtree’s new line of finely crafted products for the home and kitchen! Find the perfect gift for any occasion, ideal for wedding, engagement, birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas or just because. Choose from Realtree’s varied selection of kitchen, glass & barware collections to find high quality gift sets for your loved ones. Keep the tradition going with each celebration, collect all the Realtree products featuring the matching Realtree logo. 

One of the most popular brands in outdoorsman outfitting, Realttree is well known for their camo patterns and fishing / hunting gear. High quality and well loved, the Realtree brand has branched out to a new collection of home accessories, glass and barware. Check out all the exciting Realtree products to add to your home and kitchen. Cavepop is excited to partner with Realtree to bring these new products to you!