• SKETCH SET: Cavepop’s art marker set comes packaged in a lightweight carrying case for storing and organizing your 48 vibrantly colored markers including all the primary colors and a corresponding colorless blending marker. Each marker is designed with a color-coded cap at both ends making it a piece of cake to identify colors.
  • VIBRANT COLORS: To ensure you have every color and shade you need we incorporated 48 highly pigmented different colored markers. These alcohol ink markers dry acid free and permanent and are also odor free and non-toxic. Alcohol based markers are known for lasting against fading, not smudging, and not destroying paper fibers. Cavepop’s artist markers are professionally manufactured with a secure cap so they won’t dry out and in a large size to hold more ink.
  • FAVORABLE DUAL TIPS: All 48 different colored markers come equipped with a chisel tip for bold, thick coverage and a fine tip point for fine lines and small details. The long lasting fiber felt tips give off a smooth, even flow of ink.The fine tip end is great for outlining, intricate details and lettering. The chisel tip is good for broader lines and highlighting. These dual tip markers provide you with the versatility you need to create various sketches and patterns with ease.
  • GREAT FOR THE ARTIST IN YOUR LIFE!: These sketch markers are the perfect gift for the creative person in your life whether it be a teacher, student, business associate or friend. The alcohol based ink works well for simple tasks such as coloring and sketching but is also excellent for designing such as architecture, fashion and landscape. The rich colored ink is great for fun activities with your children and friends like DIY projects and anime illustrations.