• HEALTHY COAT WITH NO PAIN: Pets are family and they deserve the very best! Our brush helps to stimulate healthy oils to improve the texture and shine of their coat.
  • CLEAN YOUR FURRY FRIEND WITH EASE: Tired of your pet’s hair all over the furniture? Sick of having to lint roll your work pants when you get in the car? Easily and effectively remove mats, dirt, tangles, and loose fur from your pet’s coat with Cavepop’s Pet Brush.
  • DETACHABLE HEAD FOR CONVENIENCE: Simply push the release mechanism on the brush to remove the head. This makes for an easy, more convenient cleaning process!
  • NON-SLIP HANDLE: The ergonomic handle also makes brushing your pet a breeze as the handle is designed so your grip is firm and doesn't slide while grooming.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN: Available in the color blue. This brush is the perfect size to carry in your bag for those times you want to clean your pet but don't want to attract attention. The small teeth of the brush catch hair so you don't have to!